ASHA Membership

Join ASHA today to support our students! Family dues are only $10.
Go to Community Pass, login, click "Browse Activities", and select ASHA Membership & Friend Finder 2019-20.
For detailed instructions, see below.

*** Make sure that you also sign up for the ASHA e-mail list! Stay informed about school events and activities. ***

What does my family get by joining ASHA?
  • Help to support programs that enhance our school
  • Eligibility to vote at all general meetings
  • Inclusion of your children's names and family information in our membership directory - the Friend Finder
  • Printed copy of the Friend Finder membership directory

If you have any questions, contact Tiffany Neal.

Detailed instructions:
  • Visit and either login or create an account. 
  • Click on “Browse Activities”
  • Next to “ASHA Membership & Friend Finder 2019-20”, click "Continue"
  • Verify Account Information
  • Verify Email Address
  • ASHA Membership - Select Participants
    • Select the child(ren) that are to be listed in the Friend Finder. Be sure to select ALL children that attend Amsterdam to have them included in the Friend Finder.
    • If  your child is not listed, click on “Add New Child” and enter your child’s information.
  • Profile Verification: For each child, select the grade & teacher from the drop down menu
  • Select Programs
    • Under each child’s name, select “Membership/Friend Finder $10.00”. Be sure to select ALL children that attend Amsterdam to have them included in the Friend Finder.
    • The membership dues are $10 per FAMILY, regardless of the number of children you have.
  • Membership Form
    • Please verify how you would like the Parent/Guardian names to be displayed in the Friend Finder
    • Enter your cell phone number if you would like it listed. The Friend Finder directory will automatically list your home phone number from Community Pass.
    • You can join ASHA but choose not to have your child’s information included in the Friend Finder.  You can do this by checking the box that says "I DO NOT want to include my child's information in the Friend Finder directory."
    • Classroom photographs are sometimes printed in local newspapers and on our website.  If you do not want your child’s photograph to be published, please check the box that says "I DO NOT want my child's photograph placed in any publications or websites."
  • Confirm Registration: Method of Payment - select Debit/Credit Card
  • Checkout
    • Check that all information listed under “Billing Info” is correct
    • Fill in your credit card information
    • Click “Complete Transaction”
  • Registration Receipt - Click “Finish”