Registering Online with CommunityPass

ASHA has partnered with CommunityPass to assist us with Membership and other program registrations. CommunityPass is used by many schools, PTAs, and communities including Hillsborough Township Parks and Recreation.
Some of the advantages of using CommunityPass for ASHA include:
  • Less paper forms; less transcription errors, no more lost forms, and increased accuracy with your family information
  • Ability to pay by credit or debit card for registrations, reducing mismatched and lost checks
  • One login entry for CommunityPass per family – so if you’re already using it for Hillsborough Township registrations (for Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Swim Lessons, Summer Camp, etc), you can use the same username and password. 
Important Note:
If you already have a CommunityPass account for another community, you must visit the website below to link your current CommunityPass account to ASHA:  Once you successfully login, Select Amsterdam School-ASHA from the Community drop-down list and click Go.
If you do not have a CommunityPass account, follow the steps below. 

Establishing an account with CommunityPass

To get started, visit   
  1. If you are a new CommunityPass user, click the link to create an account. Follow the steps above.
  2. Once logged in, select the program or event you desire from the drop-down list and click Register Now. Follow the simple steps to complete your registration.
  3. Enter your credit or debit card information and process payment.
  4. Receive email confirmation and receipt for your payment.
We will be using CommunityPass for various programs and events throughout the upcoming school year. Look for future notices alerting you to register for upcoming events and activities.

Use CommunityPass to register online for:
ASHA Membership

The Halloween Howl

Invest in Your Child

Variety Show 

The Science Fair