Assisting in any of the ASHA Fundraising initiatives is a great way to contribute to your school and community with a minimal amount of involvement. All of the ASHA school programs and activities enjoyed by our Amsterdam students and families are made possible by you supporting the ASHA fundraising programs.

ASHA runs various fundraising programs throughout the year from product sales (e.g., kid stuff books, book fairs etc.), events, and a few NO COST programs. If you are aware of any school fundraisers that you would like to see at Amsterdam, please contact

No-Cost Fundraising Programs

Box Tops for Education - Join Box Tops online -- a free and easy way to earn extra money for our school. With Box Tops online you can earn while shopping online, earn by clicking on various activities (e.g., taking a survey, watching a video, read a recipe etc.), and track Amsterdam School's box top earnings. All you need to do is to register with Box Tops for Education at and then shop online at participating stores while earning cash credits for ASHA. Click here for the ASHA Box Top Collection Sheet.

eLabels for Education - Earn points for Amsterdam School by registering your ShopRite Price Plus Card.

Electronically collect 1 point for each participating Labels for Education® product purchased using your shopper card at participating retailers. You can still clip and redeem UPCs to earn the face value of the Labels for Education points, so it’s easier than ever to earn more for your school.

Create your profile, enter your shopper card number from a participating retailer, and then select the school(s) you would like to support. Sign up now.

Each participating product that you purchase from ShopRite will earn 1 point that will be credited to your school’s Labels for Education account automatically.

Your school can redeem points for FREE educational merchandise!

*UPCs with face values higher than 1 point will only be counted as 1 point with the
eLabels for Education™ program. Remember, eLabels for Education supplements the regular
Labels for Education program, so you can still clip and redeem participating product UPCs to earn the face value of the Labels for Education points.

Target Take Charge of Education Program -Target will donate 1% of your purchases for the year and send Amsterdam School a check each September. It is that SIMPLE. Go to the Target Website, click on manage my red card at the bottom of the page, and sign into your account. Click Take Charge of Education at the bottom of the screen and designate Amsterdam School.