ASHA Activities and Committee Contacts

Allergy Awareness

Our committee emphasizes food allergy awareness within the school community to improve the safety, well-being, and inclusion of all children.

Katie Passman

Art Appreciation

The Art Appreciation Program is a monthly art lesson conducted by parents in each classroom. The lesson includes presenting themed artwork and directing a related craft activity.

Clarinda Pocchia


Plan and coordinate assemblies for students.

ASHA Executive Board

Major Fundraisers

Coordinate all aspects of ASHA's major fundraisers.

ASHA Presidents

Barnes and Noble Book Fair 

Work with the representative from Barnes and Noble to choose content for the fair, coordinate volunteers to work at the fair. 

Class Parent

The Class Parent committee chairs are responsible for fairly selecting two class parents for each class, as well as the notices going to Class Parents (e.g., suggested notice from Class Parents to individual parents). 

Meredith Barry

Craft Fair

Plan and coordinate vendors and crafters to sell items at our Craft Fair.

Evelyn Laffey

Johanna Londono

Terri Hughes

Family Activities

Plan and coordinate events for Amsterdam families. Events can be at offsite locations during the evenings or weekends.

Michele Kelly

Fourth Grade Day

Plan and oversee an end-of-year day of fun for the outgoing 4th grade class based on guidelines to be given by ASHA & the Principal.

Kristen Houri

Nicole Jeremiah

Terri Hughes


Provide application guidelines for teachers and students to submit grant request to ASHA. Work closely with Principal to screen and approve applications.

Nicole Jeremiah

Halloween Howl

Coordinate and plan all aspects of the annual Halloween event. 

Michelle Jacobs

Jillian Kunzle

Kindergarten Orientation

Coordinate the kindergarten orientation program that takes place the last week of August.

ASHA Presidents

Life Skills

Solicit classroom volunteers to present educational program about life skills. Coordinate classroom volunteers to arrange for scheduling of classroom presentations and district-provided training for volunteers.

Craig Jeremiah

Jen Wilke

Membership / Friend Finder

The committee chair will coordinate the printing and distribution of the Friend Finder directory.

Susan Iannuccilli

Playtime in Science

Organize and coordinate a program for 1st graders consisting of basic science experiments.

Alisha Uccardi

Red Ribbon

Follow district program suggestions for Red Ribbon week at Amsterdam. In addition to the district program, student activities and decorations are encouraged.

Jennifer Tamang

School Beautification / Outdoor Classroom

Responsible for enhancing the outside of the school with landscaping and seasonal decorations.

Julie Kosakowski  

Science Fair 

Coordinate Amsterdam's annual science fair.

Tricia Vera

Supply Committee

Manage the ordering of planners and folders for the entire school.


Teacher Appreciation

Coordinate the annual teacher appreciation event in May.

Julie Kosakowski 

Variety Show 

Coordinate and organize the annual school variety show.

Jaya Somuramasami 


Responsible for the publication of the annual school yearbook. Includes selecting and instructing class photographers, collecting classroom photos from photographers, working with photo software to develop yearbook layouts, collecting payments from parents, and yearbook distribution.

Radha Iyer

Young Authors' Day

Assist the teacher with coordinating the Young Authors' Day.

Julie Kosakowski

Michele Rodriguez