In-Class Volunteering
You are encouraged to volunteer for any or all of the In-Class programs below:

The Art Appreciation Program is a monthly art lesson conducted by parents in each classroom. The lesson includes presenting themed artwork and directing a related craft activity. All of the themes and artwork are pre-selected for you. YOU DO NOT NEED ART EXPERIENCE. All you need is a willingness to offer your time.

A short meeting will be held in the cafeteria to explain the program and show a sample lesson. We will cover what you need to know so that your time in the classroom is enjoyable. We will send email reminders at the beginning of each month to the appropriate volunteers.

Before volunteering please keep in mind that younger siblings cannot accompany you in the classroom.

For more information contact:
Linda Cummings, or 908-904-4498
Laura Farnsworth, or 732-598-8505
Life Skills is a district-wide program that helps children achieve their personal best in life. The program promotes education on dangers facing our children and motivates children to maintain positive relationships and respect for others. The Life Skills program offers the students information regarding alcohol, drugs, tobacco and self-esteem – information they need to make healthy life choices.

A presentation is given to each classroom by two volunteers; the program takes approximately one hour. Volunteers are given a one hour classroom training session by the District Life Skills staff at the Municipal Building in the fall; day and evening sessions are available. The program usually takes place in January.

For more information, contact:
Kelly Mantegna, or 908-874-0581
Kelly Ann Evans, or 908-431-0136
Class parents are responsible for soliciting donations from classroom families for each party as well as planning activities. There are three scheduled school-wide parties (Halloween, Winter, and Valentine’s Day). Other events, such as end of year activity or teacher appreciation are optional and can be scheduled with the teacher.

Class parents are not automatically selected as chaperones for class trips. Before volunteering please keep in mind that siblings cannot attend any classroom functions. In addition, we ask that class parents not volunteer to be class photographer which will allow more parents to participate in their child's classroom. Two volunteering parents will be selected randomly per classroom. All selected class parents will be notified by the beginning of October. Volunteers for class parent must complete the registrattion form by Sept. 23rd.

For more information contact:
Sylvia Adinolfe, or 908-240-4070
Susan Decker, or 908-904-9143
Michele Tuck, or 908-281-9944
The Amsterdam School Yearbook Committee is looking for parent volunteers to take pictures at classroom and school events for possible inclusion in the 2012-2013 yearbook. We want to document all important activities that happen at the school and capture those special memories! Anyone with a digital camera can participate. If you like to take photos and know how to save them to a CD, send in your name! Please keep in mind that you cannot be both class parent and class photographer and that younger siblings cannot attend classroom functions.

For more information contact:
Sylvia Adinolfe, or 908-240-4070
Jim Fox, or 908-904-1286 
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